Good Dental Health Starts Early

Good Dental Health Starts Early

We teach our children to learn by our good example. Taking care of teeth is easily demonstrated by allowing your children to witness you flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day. Seeking affordable dentistry for you and your family will allow adults and children alike to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.
The question is often asked when is the best time for a child to see the dentist for the first time. That first exam should take place around age one, with a couple of important facts to remember:

  • Making an appointment with your dental provider during a time that you know your child is cranky is a mistake. A well-rested child that is not hungry makes the best patient.
  • The child’s first appointments are usually reserved for exams to make sure there are no problems developing. This is best because if the child’s first visit is due to dental decay or trauma to a tooth, subsequent dental visits will be difficult.
  • As soon as teeth come in, brushing your child’s teeth with a soft bristle brush and age appropriate tooth paste or gel is important. Not only are good habits developing, but you are keeping plaque from forming on your child’s teeth.

Other facts to remember when considering your child’s dental health are:

  • Avoid putting your child down for a nap or to bed at night with a bottle of milk or juice. If you want to give your baby a bottle at these times, water is the only appropriate beverage to give. Beverages that include sugar can stay in the mouth for hours creating a bacterial haven for plaque build-up.
  • All foods in moderation are OK, but limiting sugary snacks is essential to maintain good dental health.
  • Don’t be misguided into believing that your child’s baby teeth will be replaced by their permanent teeth so there is no need to care for their deciduous teeth. This belief could be very damaging as those first teeth are laying the groundwork for permanent teeth and need to stay healthy and strong.

As your child grows, making sure they are brushing and flossing correctly is important. Excellent dental health contributes to good overall physical health, so encouraging strong dental habits supported by seeing your dental provider for a professional cleaning and exam twice per year will benefit your child for life.
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