I have a hard time sitting still: Can sedation dentistry help?

I have a hard time sitting still: Can sedation dentistry help?

sedation dentistry North DallasDo you tend to fidget or feel anxious during dental appointments? Perhaps you have trouble staying in one place too long. If you suffer with dental phobias or have trouble waiting patiently during treatment, sedation dentistry might be of benefit to you. Sedation dentistry involves administering sedatives and analgesic medication to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable. From nitrous oxide gas to oral sedation, our dentist can ensure that you have a positive experience during treatment. Following are answers to common questions about sedation dentistry.

Why is sedation needed during dental procedures?

Various types of sedation are used in medical and dental settings to keep patients comfortable and to allow healthcare providers the ability to work without disruptions. Sedation produces noticeable feelings of relaxation so that patients can rest peacefully during procedures.

Are there different types of sedation?

Yes, there are different types of sedation. The most common types used by general dentists include nitrous oxide gas and prescription tablets. Nitrous oxide is used by many healthcare practitioners because it quickly produces euphoric effects that have both sedating and pain-relieving effects. This gas also wears off quickly so that our patients can drive themselves to and from their appointments.
Another common form of sedation is the administration of prescription tablets. Most of the time, mild sedatives from the benzodiazepine family are prescribed. These medications are formulated to prevent the chemical reactions in the brain that cause feelings of worry, panic, and fear. Since these medications have a relaxing effect, patients who have difficulty staying still or those with phobias of clinical settings can receive the oral care they deserve without discomfort or anxiety.

Who benefits from sedation dentistry?

Many types of people can benefit from sedation dentistry. This service can help make guests with anxiety and hyperactivity feel at ease and calm. In some cases, children and patients with special needs benefit from sedation as well. Some folks with certain medical conditions or medication regimens may not be candidates for this service. If you have questions about sedation dentistry, speak with our staff.
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