How You Brush Your Teeth Could Harm Your Oral Health

How You Brush Your Teeth Could Harm Your Oral Health

north Dallas family dentistAlmost everyone knows that brushing your teeth is important for preventing oral disease. Unfortunately, many don’t know that improper brushing could be very harmful to teeth and gums. If you find that your toothbrush becomes quickly frayed or experience tooth sensitivity, you might be brushing too hard. Proper oral hygiene and keeping routine appointments with our family dentist can help establish good oral health for a lifetime.

Why Vigorous Brushing is Harmful

Vigorous brushing increases your risk for losing tooth enamel, having dental caries, and developing gum disease. Bearing down too hard on your toothbrush will weaken tooth enamel over time. Tooth enamel is a mineralized structure that surrounds the crowns of teeth. Tooth structure beneath enamel is porous and soft. When tooth enamel is permanently damaged, it leaves teeth vulnerable to acid attacks and cavity-causing bacteria.

Another aspect to vigorous brushing that is dangerous is its effect on gum health. Brushing with force will irritate and inflame the gingiva, creating an environment that’s ripe for infection.

Vigorous brushing also contributes to gum recession, which exposes the roots of teeth to oral bacteria and surface debris. The roots of teeth are more susceptible to harmful bacteria than the crowns because the roots lack protection from tooth enamel.

Tips for Developing Healthy Brushing Habits

Breaking the habit of vigorous brushing involves mindfulness. When you brush your teeth, try to stay focused on the task at hand. Brushing too hard will not make your teeth cleaner.

Train yourself to brush in gentle circular motions. Do not apply excessive pressure on your toothbrush. Let your brush and toothpaste do the work for you.

The amount of time you brush matters, too. People need to brush for about two minutes twice a day to adequately clean all oral surfaces. Be sure to brush the biting surfaces and backsides of your teeth along with gently brushing your gums, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue.

Our family dentist offers high quality oral care for patients of all ages. We are happy to provide oral hygiene education and product recommendations to our guests at routine appointments. Give us a call to schedule a checkup or cleaning.