Implant Dentistry As A Tooth Loss Response

Implant Dentistry As A Tooth Loss Response

woman with nice smile implant dentistry conceptHow much good can treatment for tooth loss really do when it comes to improving your quality of life? With a lifelike prosthetic, you can feel more confident in your smile, but can you also take on problems like reduced bite support and other concerns? Our Dallas, TX dental practice can talk to you about taking on this problem with a dental implant-held prosthesis. Using this treatment solution can offer more functional support as well as better strength and stability for your bite. It also has long-term benefits for your jaw health, as it can stimulate the tissues and keep the bone safe against deterioration.

How Much Can Prosthetic Dentistry Do For You After You Experience Tooth Loss?

Is prosthetic dental work capable of more than just restoring your appearance when you smile and speak? The cosmetic effect of tooth loss is not something that you should take lightly. It can impact your confidence and change how others see you. However, this is not just an issue that concerns your appearance. The absence of your tooth makes its neighbors more likely to loosen and become lost. You also need to worry about the loss of stimulation in your jawbone when tooth loss occurs; in time, this is a problem that can cause deterioration in the bone.

How A Dental Implant Improves Your Dental Function And Oral Health

Implant dentistry responds to more than just the superficial effects of tooth loss. The implant itself will occupy the space that was once occupied by your roots. Through careful imaging and evaluations, we can determine the precise location and placement of implants to provide the best support possible. A period of healing between placement and restoration will give your body time to heal. In that time, jawbone tissues can actually fuse to the biocompatible implant. Once you are ready, you will return to our office to have your custom restoration secured, which gives you back the ability to smile, speak, bite, and chew with comfort.

Maintaining Your Improved Smile After Prosthetic Dental Work

Keeping up with dental exams and cleanings after prosthetic treatment will help you preserve your restored smile. At these visits, we rely on a holistic approach to care to protect you against new threats and to address any issues that arise. Without your appointments, you face more risks for problems with your restoration and remaining teeth.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Implant Dentistry

Through the right treatment solution, you can gain back confidence in your smile and oral health after tooth loss. Dental implants can imitate important functions provided by our natural teeth roots while holding restorations in place permanently. To find out more about this form of care and how it can help you, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.