Improve the Appearance of Teeth With Dental Bonding

Improve the Appearance of Teeth With Dental Bonding

A bright happy smile can tell a lot about a person’s confidence and personality. But if you are withholding that smile because of dental stain or other embarrassing dental imperfections, a visit to your cosmetic dentist will reveal how you can have a smile makeover that will fit your dental needs and budget with dental bonding.
Dental bonding is a process that allows your cosmetic dentist to place a very thin layer of composite resin on your teeth that can:
  • Correct the appearance of unsightly spaces or gaps between teeth.
  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Cover stained teeth resulting from medication, age, diet or lifestyle habits.
  • Change the shape of teeth that are worn or never grew in properly.
  • Repair dental decay.
  • Protect the tooth’s surface that has been exposed due to gum recession.

Composite resin is a moldable product that your dentist can apply to one or more teeth that, adding stability to a cracked tooth or altering the appearance of a tooth needing a cosmetic uplift.

Your dentist can match the shape and shade of surrounding teeth with the composite resin material to correct many dental issues making dental bonding a very practical path to a new smile makeover. Since very little of the tooth’s surface is impacted with dental bonding, this becomes one of the least invasive dental procedures available to improve your smile.

Your dentist will prepare the teeth to be treated by lightly roughing up the surface. This will aid in the composite resin’s ability to bond. The tooth will be treated with a bonding agent which will be followed by the composite resin material. Your dentist has the ability to place the composite and shape it to the exact needs of the repair.

Once satisfied with the application, your dentist will harden the composite resin with a curing light or laser. A quick polish is applied to match your new dental bonding to the surrounding teeth. Your smile makeover is then complete.

Taking care of dental bonding is no more difficult than the care of your teeth before your makeover. Daily flossing and brushing with toothpaste or gel twice per day, along with those twice yearly visits to our cosmetic dentist for a professional cleaning and exam, will enhance your dental health and keep that new smile bright for many years. For additional information, contact the Dallas TX office of Dr. Kozlow at 972-458-2464.