Invisalign orthodontic treatment: An overview

Invisalign orthodontic treatment: An overview

Traditional braces involve unattractive brackets and wires that are worn for months and even years, but the Invisalign system improves upon that method. Invisalign patients’ smiles are visible throughout treatment, so they can experience the same outcomes without waiting a long time before being able to enjoy the results.
Using a progressive system of clear plastic trays, Invisalign re-aligns the teeth over the course of several months. Invisalign is based on the same core principles as conventional orthodontic treatment. The trays apply specific forces to the teeth in order to reposition them.

A specially trained dentist can work with patients to plan the Invisalign process. The dentist will gather information through x-rays, visual examination and dental impressions and ask you about your treatment goals.

The dentist then synthesizes all of that information to develop a treatment plan, which is provided to the laboratory that creates the patient’s Invisalign trays.

To get the best results, patients must wear the trays as recommended, for 20-22 hours per day. Patients should also take care to change out the trays approximately every two weeks and use them in the order prescribed by the dentist. Most patients finish treatment within a year to 18 months.

This method is also advantageous for patients because it eliminates the obstacles to a healthy home oral hygiene routine. Patients can take out the trays for brushing and flossing, and they maintain normal access to the spaces between the teeth, where disease-causing bacteria can collect.

Similarly, the Invisalign system has no brackets that can trap remaining food particles and hold them against the teeth, where they may promote decay.

The Invisalign technology has improved drastically since it was first introduced, and it can be useful in increasingly complex situations. For severe cases of crowding, bite problems or misalignment, the patient and dentist may also consult with another specialist, such as an oral surgeon, to correct problems beyond the alignment of the teeth.

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