Is cosmetic dentistry right for you?

Is cosmetic dentistry right for you?

north Dallas cosmetic dentistHave you dreamed of a more beautiful smile but are unsure of whether it’s in reach for you? Consulting with a cosmetic dentist can give you an idea of the interventions that can help to enhance the aesthetic aspects of your unique smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Interventions: An Overview

The following treatments can enhance the shade, shape, condition or alignment of the teeth:

  • ZOOM! Professional teeth whitening that produces more noticeable and predictable results than over-the-counter products
  • Dental bonding to repair minor defects in the smile
  • Porcelain veneers that conceal a variety of flaws, from stains to chips to cracks
  • CEREC crowns that restore heavily damaged teeth in a matter of hours
  • Invisalign that straightens misaligned teeth
  • Dental implants that replace missing teeth and fill in the unsightly gaps in your smile

Note that these interventions can be used individually or combined for a smile makeover depending on the patient’s needs. After assessing your smile, our cosmetic dentist will make the treatment recommendations that will be most effective in your case.

Considerations for Cosmetic Dentistry

Upgrading your smile does require some involvement and planning on the patient’s part, and you may weigh the following factors in your decision-making process.

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Complexity of procedure
  • Dental phobia

None of these considerations should be a barrier that stands between you and the smile of your dreams, however. We may be able to improve your smile considerably in just a single appointment, and we accept a variety of payment options to help you fit your out-of-pocket costs into your budget.

Additionally, we offer sedation for optimal comfort for patients who might be fearful of dental work or those who are reluctant to pursue lengthier, more involved interventions, which can interfere with their ability to improve their smiles.

If you have any concerns about any of these aspects of your treatment, be sure to discuss them with our cosmetic dentist to determine what solutions can still help you access the care that you want.

Do you long for a Hollywood-style smile? Contact Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to schedule a consultation and learn how we might be able to help!