You No Longer Have to Suffer From Dental Anxiety

You No Longer Have to Suffer From Dental Anxiety

In recent years, dentistry has achieved considerable improvement in technology and treatment. But if you suffered from high anxiety at the thought of even getting your teeth cleaned, you had to approach the dentist as a bundle of nerves or, worse yet, avoid the dentist altogether. Now, however, there is a solution for patients who fear the dentist thanks to sedation dentistry.

We are not talking about the kind of IV sedation where you are put to sleep or the use of nitrous oxide for relaxation, but an approach with medication that calms the nerves and takes the edge off your anxiety prior to seeing the dentist.

Patients are provided a medication to take at home about an hour before their appointment. Upon arrival at the dental office, an additional medication is administered that brings the patient to a more relaxed state. Throughout the dental visit, the patient is constantly monitored and vital signs taken to guarantee a safe and relaxing procedure.

With sedation dentistry, the dentist can complete needed dental treatment knowing the patient is totally relaxed. This is advantageous for everyone because the procedure can be completed with less stress on both the patient and dental provider in the least amount of time possible.

For lengthier procedures, this is the ideal solution for patients that can’t comfortably sit for long periods of time. In fact, patients feel that the procedure was completed in a matter of minutes when treatment has actually taken hours.

While patients feel that they “slept” throughout their dental procedure, they are conscious and able to cooperate with the dentist as needed. Most patients do not even recall the procedure.

For those who are squeamish or have a fear of needles, even though treatment might call for an injection to “freeze” the area, it is administered after the medication has totally relaxed the patient and they are unaware of the injection taking place.

The patient does need reliable transportation to and from the dental appointment, as well as someone to stay with them for a few hours upon their return home.

Thanks to the availability of sedation dentistry there are many patients that are able to get the dental treatment they need without the fear and anxiety that has prevented them seeing their dental provider for years.

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