Managing that Halloween Sweet Tooth

Managing that Halloween Sweet Tooth

north Dallas family dentistHalloween is just around the corner. This beloved holiday is something people of all ages look forward to, but it is important to protect your oral health from the negative effects of sugary concoctions. Our family dentist offers preventive and restorative dentistry to patients of all ages.

If you’re wondering how to protect your family’s teeth and gums through Halloween, consider the following tips.

Watch Out for Sticky Candies

Harmful oral bacteria thrive in the presence of sugar. When it comes to oral health concerns associated with sugar, some candies are more dangerous than others.

For example, candies that are very sticky and slow-to-dissolve should be avoided as much as possible. These types of candies are very high in sugar. Their molecules linger on the surfaces of your teeth for quite some time, too.

If possible, select Halloween treats like chocolate-covered fruit or dark chocolate morsels and skip taffy and gummies along with items that have caramel.

Limit Your Candy Intake

Noshing on a big bag of Halloween candy throughout the day following Halloween can spell trouble for your teeth. While it’s tempting to indulge, limit your candy intake to once a day after you trick-or-treat.

Try to eat candy after a meal rather than as a mid-day snack. The reason for this is that your saliva production is high after a meal and saliva can help break down sugar molecules accumulating on the surfaces of your teeth.

Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day

When you eat anything that is starchy or sugary, bear in mind that water is your friend. The neutral pH of water will help rinse away food particles and neutralize acid. Try to sip eight glasses of water throughout the day to reap its oral health benefits.

Maintain Routine Appointments for Checkups and Cleanings

In addition to adopting a thorough oral hygiene routine and watching what you eat, keeping routine appointments with our family dentist can help protect your oral health. Regular checkups and cleanings give our team an opportunity to detect concerns in their earliest stages.

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