Offering Better Comfort With Dental Sedation

Offering Better Comfort With Dental Sedation

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Do you have dental anxiety and worry about visiting the dentist? We don’t want your fears to stand between you and the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Which is why we offer dental sedation!  Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office provides sedation to ensure your visit is a comfortable and relaxing one.

When Do You Need a Calming Solution?

Dental sedation helps patients enter a calm and relaxed state, which can be helpful if they’re undergoing a more complex treatment, or if they have dental anxiety or special needs that would otherwise make undergoing even minor procedures a difficult process. We offer these medications to help people receive the care they need to enjoy better oral health and more attractive smiles. We have multiple options for calming our patients, and the one we choose will depend on a number of underlying factors. For example, our team will look at any medications you’re taking, your dental and medical history, and your age and weight. Your anxiety levels and special needs are also a factor in the decision. Our team could use this for patients receiving dental implants, or undergoing a tooth extraction or a grafting and/or sinus lift procedure.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

The most common form of calming is known as conscious sedation known as nitrous oxide. This is inhaled through a mask over your nose and helps you enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. You will be able to respond to the dentist as needed, and the effects wear off once the treatment ends, so you can even drive yourself home or return to work or school. This is helpful for kids and adults alike!

If you need a deep state of calm, then our team could offer oral conscious sedation, take in a pill or liquid form prior to the procedure. You enter a more substantial state of relaxation, but are still conscious and able to respond to the dentist as needed. We could use this on its own or combined with nitrous oxide. The effects take time to wear off and you may be a little groggy, so have a friend or family on hand to bring you home afterward. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions and any prescriptions to assist in the healing period.

If you have any questions about our calming medications, or about treatments like dental implant placement, then please reach out to our team today. We want to help you enjoy optimal oral health!

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