Oral Healthcare for Seniors: Common Concerns

Oral Healthcare for Seniors: Common Concerns

affordable dentistry DallasFrom increased risks for conditions like gum disease and tooth decay to the need for restorations and prosthetics, seniors have unique oral health concerns. Our practice provides affordable dentistry to patients of all ages, including seniors.
Following are common concerns that can affect our mature patients.

Dry Mouth

While symptoms of dry mouth aren’t synonymous with aging, dry mouth is a side effect of hundreds of medications. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, affects more than your comfort. This condition increases the risks of developing tooth decay and gum disease. A dentist might recommend increased water intake, sodium reduction, and hydrating oral rinses to rectify a patient’s symptoms.

Bone Loss

Bone loss commonly affects mature patients. Tooth loss, osteoporosis, and gum disease can exacerbate deterioration of the jawbone. Bone atrophy contributes to an aged appearance and health concerns such as tooth loss. Dental implants are beneficial for preventing bone deterioration because they keep the jawbone stimulated.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious oral health condition that destroys teeth, gums, and bone. While this disease can strike at any age, it often affects older patients. Treating this condition is imperative for keeping teeth intact and protecting vital oral structures. Common treatment options for periodontal disease include specialized cleanings, surgery, and medication.

Broken Prosthetics

As we age, the need for prosthetics like bridges, dental implants, and dentures is commonplace. Over time, prosthetics can break due to normal wear and tear. Replacing and repairing prosthetics is necessary for maintaining comfortable oral function and a youthful appearance. Our dentist provides beautiful prosthetics and repair services to help our patients look and feel their best.
Failing Restorations
Restorations can fail with time. Replacing restorations is important for protecting biological tooth structure and maintaining optimal oral function. Our practice provides durable and natural looking restorations for seniors such as dental crowns, inlays, and fillings. We also replace old and failing restorations to protect our patient’s oral health and quality of life.
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