Pediatric Dentistry And The Healthy Start System

Pediatric Dentistry And The Healthy Start System

child at dental officeHolistic dentistry is an approach to oral health care that looks at natural solutions as an alternative to more invasive procedures. Focusing on this kind of support means providing safer as well as more pleasant means of correcting issues, and it also means providing an education on the oral-systemic link, the relationship between your dental health and your overall well-being.

Our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office can help patients in different life stages with different oral and general health matters. For our younger patients, we can provide pediatric dental treatment that includes a pleasant alternative from traditional orthodontic work. Through our use of the Healthy Start System™, we are able to guide teeth into better alignment as your child’s smile develops.

Will Your Child Need To Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Many children need some degree of orthodontic work to avoid potential oral health and cosmetic issues in the future. When you look at conventional treatment options, you may find that you are being asked to place awkward metal appliances in your child’s mouth for an extended period of time. This can be uncomfortable for them, and it can leave them feeling self-conscious about how they look. With Healthy Start, we can provide another solution, one that gently guides teeth in a way that prevents problems rather than focusing on corrections.

Using The Healthy Start System To Address Developmental Concerns

With the Healthy Start System, we can help your child grow up with a lovely, symmetrical smile. The system relies on soft, easily removed devices that will guide their teeth as they start to come in. With that guidance, better alignment at the time their secondary teeth arrive can be ensured, so there is not a need for braces at a later time. These appliances also help with the growth and proper alignment of their lower jaw, which helps to protect their health as well as prevent cosmetic concerns.

The Healthy Start System And Your Child’s Sleep Health

Just as holistic dentistry focuses on general health along with oral health, the Healthy Start System can protect your child’s well-being as well as their developing smile by addressing problems with sleep-disordered breathing. The appliances gently encourage the movement of teeth as well as the formation of the jaw, which leads to better development for nightly breathing. This prevents issues related to sleep-disordered breathing like teeth grinding, behavioral issues, bedwetting, school troubles, and more!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX, Holistic Dental Office About The Healthy Start System

With the Healthy Start System, our practice can help you protect your child against poor smile alignment without asking them to wear braces! To find out more about this service and how it can benefit them, please contact our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office at (972) 458-2464.