The Unique Dental Needs of Children

The Unique Dental Needs of Children

Recognizing the importance of children’s dental health, our North Dallas dentist is committed to educating both children and adults on the road to a healthy dental lifestyle. Although brushing and flossing may be considered basic aspects of dental homecare, there are many factors that can make children’s plaque control more challenging.

Mixed dentition, a term identifying the period in childhood where there are both baby teeth and adult teeth visible in the mouth, can certainly make for more difficult plaque control. During this period of time, there may be loose teeth, missing teeth, newly erupted teeth, crowding, and spacing. It will be especially important to pay close attention to the many new places where plaque may accumulate.

Historically, cavities have been identified as one of childhood’s most common diseases. An affinity towards cavity-causing foods and drinks such as sweets and juices, frequent snacks, and other carbohydrates should be closely monitored. For improved dental health, as well as overall health, children should be guided toward healthier diets rich in fruits, fresh vegetables, and plenty of water. Even after consuming the natural sugars found in fruits, juices, and milk, brushing and flossing are important for neutralizing harmful plaque acids.

It is important to remember that children tend to learn by example. Adopting the Tell/Show/Do method has been shown to work well to reinforce positive healthy habits. Telling your child how and why they should focus on healthy habits, showing them proper homecare techniques, and allowing them to practice these techniques on a daily basis can help to establish good dental habits.

Early dental visits are necessary for introducing children to the dental office, dentist, and staff and setting a pattern for routine treatment rather than wait until pain becomes a factor. Teaching children that a visit to the dental office is a positive experience rather than painful association can be critical to their future dental habits.

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