Tips to Manage Your Teen’s Dental Habits

Tips to Manage Your Teen’s Dental Habits

north Dallas family dentistOne day they’re toddlers where you have control over their lives, and all of a sudden they have become teenagers. While you may feel like you’ve lost their attention, you still have an obligation to help manage many of their habits … making sure they attend appointments with the family dentist every six months is an important one. But there are many more subtle things you can do to help manage their dental habits.

Supply the Correct Dental Tools 

You want your teen to assume responsibility, but let’s face it … they are teenagers. So instead of relying on your child to update their toothbrush every three months, make sure you are replacing their worn bristles. And encourage them to brush twice a day. A sticky note on the bathroom mirror is a good reminder.

Get input about their favorite toothpaste or gel; just make sure you are supplying one that is fluoridated to help protect dental enamel. If they never seem to be running out of toothpaste, this is a clue for you that they are not brushing correctly.

Flossing is important, but something that is often forgotten or ignored. Make sure you ask your child specifically what dental floss they want to use. More subtle reminders could be helpful here.

Diet and Dental Health

This is a tough one. Teenagers are out of sight a lot so control of what they are eating and drinking is much more difficult.

The best way to forge good dietary habits is to provide the food and beverages that will continue to foster great overall and dental health.

Don’t load the pantry with chips, cookies, crackers and a variety of processed foods. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables readily available; maybe pre package them for an easy, on the go snack.

Stock up on yogurt (watch for sugar content), cheese, nuts, hummus … you get the idea.

Encourage teens to drink water; soda should be saved for special occasions.

Make sure you lead by example … do not skip or postpone those important appointments with your family dentist for cleaning and dental exam. Contact our team at Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to schedule a visit.