Tips to Prevent Tooth Injuries

Tips to Prevent Tooth Injuries

Tooth injuries can be devastating, especially if the injury results in a dislodged or knocked out tooth. Fortunately, you can prepare for emergencies and even prevent injuries by committing to healthy dental practices. In the unfortunate event of dental trauma, our dentist can help with same-day appointments, endodontic (root canal) care, and restorations. Following are some helpful tips for preventing injuries to teeth.

Wear Protective Gear during Physical Activities

Chinstraps and mouthguards are important protective gear that should be worn during contact sports and many physical activities. If you or your children play football or engage in horseback riding or skateboarding, we strongly encourage patients to wear all recommended protective. Chinstraps, helmets, and mouthguards protect the jaws, gums, and teeth from serious injury in many cases.
Practice Healthy Dental Habits
One of the best ways to prevent dental injuries is to do everything in your power to keep teeth strong and healthy. This means that you should commit to practicing good oral hygiene, avoid acidic foods or those high in sugar, and visit our dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.
Take a Mindful Approach to Everyday Life
While this advice may seem obvious, it is important to practice mindfulness. We are inundated with so many tasks and distractions every day that folks tend to go in “auto-pilot” mode. When we are distracted, we might drive unsafely or not watch our step when walking or running. We recommend that patients eliminate distractions wherever possible in their daily lives so that they can be mindful of their movements and their environment to help reduce the risk of injury.

Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects

Chewing on pen caps, ice cubes, etc. are one way that patients unknowingly damage their teeth. When you chew or bite down on anything other than food, you will wear down your tooth enamel, which can result in cracks and chips to teeth that may require endodontic care and restorations.
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