Tooth Decay: Will I need a dental crown?

Tooth Decay: Will I need a dental crown?


Teeth that have been subjected to either amalgam or composite resin to repair dental decay are left in a weakened condition. If one of these treated teeth suffers from further decay, an additional filling could result in fracturing the tooth. Since salvaging teeth is optimum, the best decision could very well be to treat with dental crowns versus more fillings.

Teeth previously weakened from decay face additional issues of concern. Placing a crown does not guarantee bacteria won’t seep through a dental repair. X-rays may identify potential problems, and a root canal may be recommended before the crown is placed.

A root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, is a process where the root of a tooth is removed from the canal and the canal is cleaned out. If infection was present, an antibiotic may be dispensed. After the root, blood and pulp have been removed, the canal is filled with a substance that provides more stability for the tooth. Performing a root canal is not a guarantee that there will never be a problem with a tooth in the future.

Dental crowns are available in different materials. For back teeth that must sustain the brunt of pressure from chewing, a metal crown may provide the best option. Your dentist will discuss the variety of materials available, and make recommendations for your situation.

For teeth located in the smile line, a porcelain or ceramic crown provides a beautiful option that will allow the crown to match the surrounding biological teeth. Digital technology and the artistic imagination of your dental provider create the opportunity to place a crown in one dental visit with CEREC. CEREC is a method of restoration where the dentist can fabricate a crown from ceramic or composite that will be completed from start to finish in one appointment.

Advantages to treatment from your CEREC dentist include minimal removal of your natural tooth, and your lifelike crown is delivered the same day. A standard crown requires a minimum of two visits, generally two weeks for completion, and wearing a temporary over your prepared tooth that may need to be replaced during the two week wait.

Dental decay is one cause that may lead to the need of a crown, but with the materials available today, a dental crown can provide many years of functionality and beauty.

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