Tooth whitening: What are the benefits?

Tooth whitening: What are the benefits?

Millions of Americans are enjoying tooth whitening as the safest and fastest way to pep up their smiles. A conservative cosmetic measure, tooth whitening is subtle enough for modest patients and dramatic enough for the Hollywood elite. Patients who have chosen tooth whitening in Dallas have seen impressive results with few, if any risks.

Easily, the most noticeable benefit of tooth whitening is bright, white teeth! Patients whose teeth are stained or discolored due to diet, medications, or natural shading will appreciate the possibility of a radiant and vivid new smile. Tooth whitening is an effective choice for patients who desire a generally whiter smile, as well as those patients who would like to whiten prior to a special event.

The natural response for patients following tooth whitening is a marked boost in self-confidence. It may be difficult to measure the exact degree of the improvement in self-confidence, but it is easy to understand the relationship. Feeling more positive about one’s smile is certainly a reason to smile more often.

Compared to other, more invasive cosmetic treatments, tooth whitening is a relatively conservative choice. Utilizing various formulations of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, oxygen is incorporated into the enamel, bleaching out stains below the surface. No pitting or roughening of the enamel occurs, and the integrity of the tooth structure is preserved. Professional tooth whitening techniques are designed to protect the gum tissue, which may occasionally become sensitive when exposed to the tooth whitening solutions.

Dr. Philip R. Kozlow, your cosmetic dentist serving Dallas, may recommend tooth whitening as a nice complement to other cosmetic dental procedures. For instance, following the completion of orthodontic treatment, tooth whitening can be used to safely brighten a newly straightened smile. Patients who are replacing old amalgam or tooth colored fillings near the front of the mouth may choose to whiten prior to having the restorations replaced.

The benefits of tooth whitening are numerous, and dental patients are choosing whitening to suit a variety of needs. To find out how tooth whitening can improve your smile, schedule an appointment  with Dr. Kozlow today.