Use These 5 Tools at Home to Care for Your Teeth

Use These 5 Tools at Home to Care for Your Teeth

When browsing the store shelves for dental care, you might feel overwhelmed at the number of tools they offer. You might have no idea what’s best for you. With that in mind, we’ve put together the 5 tools we think are best to use at home to care for your teeth.

1. Toothbrush 

Now a toothbrush might sound obvious, but it’s one of the most important tools.

Toothbrushes come with soft, medium, or hard bristles, but we actually recommend a soft-bristle brush, as the medium and hard brushes can be too harsh on your gums. 

Electric toothbrushes are also a great choice as they have been proven to reduce plaque more than a normal toothbrush. Moving the brush in circular motions means that the brush isn’t scrubbing abrasively at your teeth

You can even purchase electric toothbrushes that include a timer to ensure you are brushing for the recommended two minutes. 

2. Interdental Picks

Flossing is a common practice when it comes to dental hygiene, but some patients can have trouble using floss, so interdental tools are a helpful option to ensure the removal of plaque. Interdental means between the teeth, so products like picks and sticks allow patients to get in between and around the teeth for extra cleanliness. 

3. Tongue Scrapers

While brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can reduce bad breath by 70%, using a tongue scraper is an even more effective tool

When we think of plaque, we think of our teeth, but plaque is also on our tongues. By scraping your tongue each morning, this tool can help prevent bad breath and the buildup of plaque.  

4. Oral Irrigators 

This tool works by shooting a stream of water into your mouth. The benefit of this is that it removes food and debris caught in areas that are hard to reach.

An oral irrigator is used in conjunction with your usual tooth brushing and flossing routine and is not to be used in place of this. This dental tool is often recommended for teens with braces or patients with partial dentures, who have trouble cleaning around them. 

5. Mouthwash 

Mouthwash helps protect your teeth. This “tool” can offer different solutions to dental problems, like reducing plaque, freshening breath, or strengthening enamel. Simply gargle the mouthwash for 30-45 seconds after you’ve brushed your teeth at night, then spit it into the sink and make sure not to swallow. 

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Using all these tools will prevent gum disease and keep your teeth healthy. While it’s essential to care for your teeth at home, it’s also important to get a checkup from your dentist too. Book an appointment with Kozlow and Rowell today.