Ward Off Gum Disease with These Tips

Ward Off Gum Disease with These Tips

affordable dentistry DallasGum disease is a common yet serious threat to oral health. Advanced gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adulthood. Treating advanced gum disease is costly and might require invasive surgical treatments. Our affordable dentistry practice encourages patients to adopt thorough oral hygiene habits and receive routine checkups and cleanings with our dentist to protect their oral health.

Following are helpful tips for preventing gum disease.

Schedule Frequent Checkups and Cleanings

Keeping routine dental appointments can help reduce oral healthcare costs. Having two checkups and cleanings per year will increase the likelihood that gum disease is detected early on. When gum disease is addressed in its early stages, the condition is reversible.

In addition to enjoying early detection with frequent checkups, dental cleanings help prevent gum disease by removing tartar. A hardened form of plaque, tartar accumulation is one of the largest contributors to the development of gum disease. Since tartar cannot be removed with home care, it’s important to receive professional cleanings on a regular basis.

Practice Thorough Oral Hygiene

Practicing proper oral hygiene can ward off many common oral conditions including gum disease. Brushing and flossing removes surface debris like leftover food and plaque. Debris and plaque irritate the gums. If plaque isn’t removed with daily oral hygiene, it will harden into tartar when exposed to calculus.

Controlling plaque buildup is an important aspect of preventing gum disease. Our dentist recommends that patients brush their teeth twice each day, for about two minutes each time. Since a toothbrush cannot reach between teeth, it is important to floss every day. In addition to removing plaque and leftover food, flossing keeps the gums stimulated.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plain water throughout the day helps protect your oral health. Water rinses away debris and dilutes the acid that attacks teeth. Drinking water helps keep soft oral tissue, including the gums, moist. This is important for minimizing irritation to the gingiva.

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