What should you look for in a family dentist?

What should you look for in a family dentist?

north Dallas family dentistChoosing a family dentist is important for protecting you and your loved ones’ oral health. As with any profession, those who practice family dentistry come from diverse backgrounds and take different philosophical approaches to how they deliver treatment. When looking for a dentist to suit your family’s unique needs, consider the following factors.

Services Offered

General dentistry can encompass many types of services and treatments. If particular services, such as holistic dentistry are important to you, we recommend inquiring about whether a practice you’re looking into offers the services that meet your specific needs.

You might want to ask about the type of technology a practice uses as well. Some patients prefer advanced technologies like digital radiography and laser dentistry because of health concerns or because they prefer minimally invasive treatment options.

Credentials and Education

In order to practice oral healthcare, dentists must receive advanced degrees and pass examinations. They must also complete continuing education each year. When it comes to continuing education, dentists have freedom to select courses and treatment protocols that interest them. You can inquire about the type of continuing education dentists take to help determine if a practice is a good fit for your family.


Insurance coverage helps offset costs associated with preventive care and treatments for common conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Before you book an appointment, you should make sure a family dentistry practice accepts your insurance carrier.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient reviews and testimonials can tell you a lot about a dentist and his or her practice. You can find reviews on popular websites such as Facebook, Google, Healthgrades, Dentistry.com, and Yelp.

Office Location

A dental practice’s location is important – especially if you’re responsible for transporting your family to and from appointments throughout the year. Be sure to look up the location of dental practices you’re interested in to see how close they are to your home, your workplace, and your children’s schools.

Our family practice serves patients of all ages. We also offer holistic dental services to help you enjoy conservative treatment and limited exposure to certain metals and chemicals. Call Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry today to reserve a consultation with our family dentist.