Who Can Benefit from Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Who Can Benefit from Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whiteningA beaming smile is associated with youth and attractiveness. Even if you practice great oral hygiene and receive regular professional cleanings, your teeth will still stain over time. A professional treatment from our cosmetic dentist can safely whiten your teeth and reinvigorate your appearance. Our office utilizes the Zoom teeth whitening system, which can lighten your smile up to ten shades whiter.

Almost anyone desiring a brighter smile can benefit from Zoom teeth whitening. Unlike store-bought white strips and toothpastes, Zoom whitening will not contribute to permanent tooth sensitivity. Instead, patients can achieve the white smile of their dreams under the care of our skilled cosmetic dentist.

How Zoom Teeth Whitening Works

Zoom whitening is a system that utilizes prescription-grade lightening solutions and lasers to deepen the teeth-whitening process. The treatment takes about one hour, from start to finish, and the results are immediate. Our team will use shade indicators before and after the procedure to measure the effectiveness of treatment.

Before the whitening process begins, our team will place liquid dam and gauze over soft oral tissue to protect it from irritation. Patients will lie back in our comfortable treatment chairs while we apply the lightening solution to the outer surfaces of teeth. Then, we will place a concentrated beam of light over the treatment area to accelerate and deepen the whitening process.

Receiving a whitening treatment from our dentist is non-invasive and comfortable. After treatment, patients will leave our office with visibly whiter and brighter teeth.

Maintaining Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Zoom produces long-lasting results but you can re-stain your teeth with dark-colored beverages and foods. We recommend drinking red wine, coffee, and dark soda in moderation. When drinking dark beverages, consider using a straw as it will push liquids to the back of your mouth and reduce their contact with teeth.

Maintaining meticulous oral hygiene and keeping routine appointments for checkups and cleanings can prevent the formation of new stains.

We offer a number of smile-enhancing services. If you have questions about cosmetic dental treatments, call our practice to reserve a smile makeover consultation.