3 Reasons You Need a SMART Certified Dentist

3 Reasons You Need a SMART Certified Dentist

SMART stands for the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, a method used to safely remove amalgam fillings. Mercury fillings can be toxic for patients, causing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Dentists who are trained in this method are said to be SMART certified. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, a global network comprising dentists and scientists who work in the biocompatibility of dental products, administers the SMART Certification. And here’s why this training and certification should matter to you.

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To become certified, a dentist must successfully complete a course that teaches the safe removal of mercury amalgam. This training includes scientific readings, tests, and online tutorial videos. Additionally, the purpose of becoming SMART certified is so the dentist can learn the meticulous safety measures and equipment used to reduce the level of mercury exposure. The certification takes around 6-8 months to complete. Also, the dentist must complete their course in addition to an academic test to qualify. 

1. Ensures the Safety of the Patient & Dentist 

Safety is one of the key factors pivotal for SMART certification. All dentists, traditional or holistic, can essentially remove amalgam fillings and replace them. However, this extraction process can cause mercury exposure to both the patient and the dentist, which is why additional guidance and training are strongly recommended. 

Being SMART certified means the dental professional can remove the filling safely, reducing the risk of mercury exposure. For many patients, this will help put their minds at ease regarding any worries about amalgam removal. 

2. Prepares for Complications 

Thanks to the extensive training to become SMART certified, dentists with this qualification better understand what to do if any complications occur. Although it doesn’t happen often, occasionally, a filling might be too difficult to remove in one piece. Additionally, the filling might break into smaller pieces, which means more steps have to be taken to remove all the pieces.

A SMART-certified dentist is more prepared to deal with this situation and will reduce the risk of mistakes or defects. A certified dentist is also more likely to complete the procedure quicker than a dentist who isn’t certified because of their knowledge and experience of working with the SMART technique. 

3. A SMART-Certified Dentist is an Expert

Having a SMART-certified dentist guarantees their expertise in safely removing the filling. In addition, their comprehensive training to become properly trained means they have the skills and ability to safely complete the procedure without causing harm.

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