Holistic Dentist

dallas ozone treatment Our team provides holistic and biocompatible treatments to help patients of all ages enjoy optimal oral health and protect the strength and stability of their smiles. Once such treatment, which can combat harmful bacteria in people with gum disease, cold sores, or dental infections, is Ozone Therapy. Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office is ready to help you smile with confidence using a holistic approach!

man happy with dental careWhat can you really count on from a dental office when it comes to preserving your overall health? Our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office looks at oral health care as a way of fully protecting you. That means providing treatments that never rely on amalgam metals that contain mercury or using fluoride to take care of your teeth. We avoid these materials because they can pose risks to your overall well-being. This is not the only way in which we make oral health care about your total health. We also look at how your dental well-being will influence your immune system, and we take the relationship between oral health concerns and your digestive system, heart, and more seriously.

happy woman at dental officeTraditional dentistry protects against oral health threats and keeps patients informed about any signs of trouble with their well-being. However, the kind of conventional care you have had in the past can also be limited in scope, with your dentist looking only at your oral health and not the effect your oral health can have on your general health. In addition, traditional care can include the use of materials like mercury and fluoride. We provide holistic dentistry for Dallas, TX, which means we focus on how oral care can benefit your whole health. With this focus, we can protect your smile while avoiding the use of harmful materials, and we can help you think about how the condition of your mouth influences the rest of your body.

woman happy with dental careEvery trip to the dentist's office for a routine checkup provides protection against oral health threats. What you should know is that by taking advantage of holistic dental care, you can enjoy treatment with a greater focus on your long-term health. Our Dallas, TX dental practice is focused on holistic dentistry, which means we commit to your well-being in key ways. One is by ensuring treatment only occurs with materials that are both lifelike and confirmed safe for your health. Another is by focusing on dental care that is considerate towards your overall needs, which means paying attention to the links between dentistry and digestive health, heart health, and more!

woman ready for treatment ozone dental therapy conceptIn addition to removing the remnants of foods and drinks we enjoyed throughout the day, our oral hygiene efforts fight the accumulation of bacteria. Microbes that gather in our mouths form plaque, which will harden to tartar in time. The unwelcome bacteria present will release harmful acids as they digest food sources they find in our mouths, damaging our enamel. Disinfection is important to preventive care and services that fight active oral health issues. Our Dallas, TX holistic dental practice relies on ozone therapy at key times for patients' well-being. Ozone therapy deals with the microbes that cause harm while leaving the mouth's healthy ecosystem intact!

happy woman at dental office sedation dentistry conceptYour time in the dentist's chair is important; when the right care is provided, it can also be surprisingly comfortable. Our Dallas, TX dental practice relies on a holistic approach to serving our patients. This means enjoying metal-free and mercury-free work along with a focus on making oral health care part of your overall commitment to your well-being. This can help put many people at ease when they come in, but some patients can still struggle with unease due to anxiety. What you should know is that dental sedation is available. With this support, we can make your experience a better one even if dental anxiety has long made appointments hard for you to enjoy.

woman happy with dental work amalgam-free dentistry conceptEvidence of past dental work may be hard to hide when you smile. If you received an amalgam filling, its metallic appearance can stand out due to its contrast with your surrounding enamel. Its effect on your appearance can be frustrating on its own, but the presence of mercury in a restoration made with metal can also make you worry for your health. What can you do about that past work on your smile? At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we provide safe and effective amalgam removal. This replaces conspicuous fillings made from less desirable materials with a composite substance that matches your enamel. In addition to being more attractive, this material is free from worrying mercury and other materials you would prefer to avoid.

woman happy with dental care holistic dentistry conceptTraditional forms of dentistry can target active smile threats and protect you from serious harm. What you can find is that some dentists do so with less than desirable materials. When you find out your practice relies on materials like amalgam fillings, which can include mercury, to treat cavities, you can have understandable concerns. Fortunately, you can find that our Dallas, TX holistic dental office provides a different experience. Our commitment to holistic smile care provides prevention-focused care as well as treatments that avoid using less desirable materials. As we acquaint ourself with your needs, we can further personalize your visits to provide your ideal patient care.