Holistic Dentistry And Long-Term Dental Health

Holistic Dentistry And Long-Term Dental Health

woman happy with dental careEvery trip to the dentist’s office for a routine checkup provides protection against oral health threats. What you should know is that by taking advantage of holistic dental care, you can enjoy treatment with a greater focus on your long-term health. Our Dallas, TX dental practice is focused on holistic dentistry, which means we commit to your well-being in key ways. One is by ensuring treatment only occurs with materials that are both lifelike and confirmed safe for your health. Another is by focusing on dental care that is considerate towards your overall needs, which means paying attention to the links between dentistry and digestive health, heart health, and more!

Should I Meet With A Holistic Dentist?

How can you benefit by choosing holistic dentistry over a general practitioner? One advantage to holistic dentistry is that it emphasizes the use of safe materials. If you have a need for a filling, you can count on treatment that avoids the use of amalgam materials that can look unattractive and potentially impact your health. Of course, this approach to care differs even when you are not in need of more involved services. When we meet with you, we discuss the relations between dentistry and your general well-being. By focusing on how our services can protect your entire body, we help you see more value from each visit.

Why We Avoid Certain Materials Used By Other Practices

Traditional restorative dental treatments have relied on amalgam metals and materials that include mercury. If you have seen someone with a silver filling, or if you have one yourself, you know how these kinds of restorations can stand out in undesired ways. What you can also worry about is how the presence of amalgam or mercury in your mouth might impact your well-being. We rely on restorations that are made with ceramic and composite substances that are safe as well as a better cosmetic fit for your smile.

Focusing On The Link Between Your Oral And General Health

If you take your overall health seriously, you should take your smile health seriously. Links have been found between issues like gum disease and threats from heart disease, dementia, and more. There are also connections between your oral health and immune system; after all, your mouth can be a crucial gateway for many harmful bacteria. We make our practice a space where patients receive comprehensive care by using an approach to oral health that completely considers your well-being.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dental Office About Enjoying A Better Treatment Experience!

If you turn to holistic dentistry for support, you can enjoy smile care that defends you against a range of threats! For more information, call our Dallas, TX dental office at 972-458-2464!