Enjoying The Benefits Of Holistic Dentistry

Enjoying The Benefits Of Holistic Dentistry

woman happy with dental care holistic dentistry conceptTraditional forms of dentistry can target active smile threats and protect you from serious harm. What you can find is that some dentists do so with less than desirable materials. When you find out your practice relies on materials like amalgam fillings, which can include mercury, to treat cavities, you can have understandable concerns. Fortunately, you can find that our Dallas, TX holistic dental office provides a different experience. Our commitment to holistic smile care provides prevention-focused care as well as treatments that avoid using less desirable materials. As we acquaint ourself with your needs, we can further personalize your visits to provide your ideal patient care.

Counting On A Gentler, Prevention-Focused Form Of Smile Care

What do you really want from your dental appointments? Are you looking for a simple check for active threats, or would you like a smile care experience that prioritizes both your smile and overall health? Holistic dentistry is focused on prevention—that means taking care to protect your teeth and gums, but it also means focusing on your overall wellness. Gentle, patient-focused care that emphases your health and avoids the use of potential toxins is available. Enjoying this kind of treatment can help you see more long-term value from your general dental visits. It can also lower your risk for problems later in life that impact your confidence and physical well-being.

The Importance Of The Right Materials In Smile Care

Amalgam fillings that contain mercury can be tough to overlook when they are placed to care for teeth. Because they contain mercury, you can be concerned about their impact on your health as well as your appearance. This is just one example of a substance that you might prefer not be used in your smile care. We mind these concerns, and we work to provide a gentler, more tailored treatment experience.

Creating An Approach To Care That Truly Suits You

Your dentist should care about your health. That means more than just caring about your smile; you should know that your overall well-being is a priority during appointments. Building personalized treatment plans and avoiding undesirable materials give you important overall support. In addition to doing this,

Enjoy The Holistic Dental Care Experience At Our Dallas, TX Dental Practice!

Patients at Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry enjoy an approach to care that focuses on overall wellness. That means prioritizing prevention, and it also means removing treatment solutions that depend on materials that are harsh or potentially detrimental to health. We can provide a positive experience in the office, one that makes you feel cared for and truly supported as an individual. In addition to avoiding the need for harsher materials like amalgam metals, holistic care can provide results with restorations that more closely match your healthy enamel. To learn more about our practice and our commitment to holistic dentistry, contact your Dallas, TX holistic dental office today at (972) 458-2464.