Holistic Dental Extractions: Explained

Holistic Dental Extractions: Explained

Holistic dentists have the patient’s best interest at heart. They recognize that oral health and the patient’s overall well-being are not exclusive. This is why holistic dentists focus on the whole body and its interaction with oral health when assisting with care and recommending treatments. 

The same mindset applies to tooth extraction. For a holistic dentist, the goal is always to reduce the risks of a patient developing cavitation in their bone. Explore more about holistic dental extractions.

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A holistic dentist might extract a patient’s tooth for several reasons, including decay, orthodontic treatment, and trauma. During advanced decay, the tooth might be too damaged to save and need to be extracted. In some cases, orthodontic treatment might also require extraction to create enough room for tooth alignment. Trauma is another reason for extraction if, for instance, a severely broken tooth has damaged the roots and can’t be restored. 

Holistic Extraction, Defined 

During extraction, the periodontal ligament, which surrounds the tooth and socket, can sometimes leave behind an infection. In the long term, this can cause problems within the jaw after the skin has healed over it. This can lead to an internal infection known as cavitation. That’s why holistic dentists feel it’s important to remove the periodontal ligament and preserve the socket, preventing a nasty infection further down the line. The tooth can heal quickly and safely, and proper extraction stops the cavity from returning again.

A holistic dentist will remove the infected bone or ligament with a surgical bur, a tool that minimizes bone removal and stops the gums from bleeding while ensuring the patient’s teeth don’t come to any harm. 

Holistic Methods

Another element of holistic extraction, as opposed to traditional methods, is using a technique that avoids sterilized bone cells. In traditional extractions, the dentist will incorporate sterilized bone cells from cadavers or cows to grow the bone back. Holistic dentists, however, feel that introducing these bone cells means putting foreign material into a patient’s body that might not react well to it. This could potentially cause an infection and delay the healing process. 

To preserve the socket without using foreign materials, holistic dentists often use a technique called PRF, which is curated from the patient’s blood and prepared in the labs. This material is then used to preserve the patient’s socket. This method results in a more effective healing process, filling the bone in much better and stopping the patient from suffering from dry-socket. 

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