Experience The Holistic Dentistry Difference

Experience The Holistic Dentistry Difference

man happy with dental careWhat can you really count on from a dental office when it comes to preserving your overall health? Our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office looks at oral health care as a way of fully protecting you. That means providing treatments that never rely on amalgam metals that contain mercury or using fluoride to take care of your teeth. We avoid these materials because they can pose risks to your overall well-being. This is not the only way in which we make oral health care about your total health. We also look at how your dental well-being will influence your immune system, and we take the relationship between oral health concerns and your digestive system, heart, and more seriously.

What Separates Holistic Dentistry From Traditional Dental Care?

At a traditional dental office, all of the attention can be paid to your smile. At first, this can sound like all you need, but when your treatment never takes the influence your oral health has on your general health into account, you can miss out on important protection. A holistic dentist, sometimes referred to as a biologic dentist, will approach dentistry with the understanding that your treatment can impact your entire body and not just your smile. We are able to provide better protection by avoiding the use of certain common materials and by taking your general health into account as we provide health care.

Taking The Oral Health-General Health Link Seriously

Protecting your dental health can mean more than just keeping your teeth and gums safe. As we evaluate you and look out for dental threats, we provide information and solutions that consider what treatment might mean for your overall well-being. This is why we rely on composite, metal-free materials when we restore teeth. It is also why we keep fluoride treatments out of our services. We also provide guidance on better oral health that can do more for your body as a whole. From recommending beneficial diet changes to looking out for signs of sleep apnea, we look at your visits as opportunities to provide complete protection, not just protection for your smile.

Providing Safe Amalgam Removal

If your past treatments at general dental practices left you with unattractive and potentially harmful metal restorations, we can help! Our practice provides safe amalgam removal, which we then follow with the placement of more lifelike composite fillings. In making this change, we can protect your teeth and general health while also providing a more attractive solution for past dental damage or decay.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX, Holistic Dental Office About Starting Treatment!

By making the switch to a holistic dentist, you can make sure that your oral health appointments protect your total health! For more information, call our Dallas, TX, dental office at (972) 458-2464.