Benefiting From The Holistic Dentistry Experience

Benefiting From The Holistic Dentistry Experience

happy woman at dental officeTraditional dentistry protects against oral health threats and keeps patients informed about any signs of trouble with their well-being. However, the kind of conventional care you have had in the past can also be limited in scope, with your dentist looking only at your oral health and not the effect your oral health can have on your general health. In addition, traditional care can include the use of materials like mercury and fluoride. We provide holistic dentistry for Dallas, TX, which means we focus on how oral care can benefit your whole health. With this focus, we can protect your smile while avoiding the use of harmful materials, and we can help you think about how the condition of your mouth influences the rest of your body.

Meet With A Dentist Who Takes Your Full Health Needs Into Account

Traditional dentistry provides protection, but it can also have drawbacks that make patients uneasy about future appointments. Whether you have received restorative work that included the use of amalgam metals or undergone treatments that were invasive and uncomfortable, the approach you are used to may have left you uneasy about continuing oral health appointments. Holistic dentistry offers up a different experience, one that considers your health and general well-being more broadly.

We Avoid Dental Materials That Carry Potential Long-Term Health Risks

One way holistic dentistry protects you is by avoiding the use of materials like amalgam in dental fillings and crowns. Metal that contains mercury poses long-term concerns, and it can have an undesirable conspicuous appearance. Instead of using this kind of material, we can provide restorations made from composite materials that are lifelike and safe to leave in your mouth. In addition to providing safer care and cosmetic benefits, these materials offer the kind of durability that preserves your bite function and tooth structure long after treatment.

How Our Services Preserve Your Health And Smile

Holistic dentistry is a chance to move away from worrying treatments with amalgam and fluoride and toward a care approach that thinks about how smile care affects your total well-being. Whether you come in for routine preventive care or need more involved restorative work, we can look for less invasive and safer ways to protect you. That includes providing options like a holistic alternative to involved treatments like root canal therapy and the use of traditional metal fillings and crowns.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dental Office About Your Care Experience

As a holistic dental practice, we can change your idea of what dentistry requires. Whether you have had a bad past experience or just want to know how you can have a better kind of care, we are happy to answer questions and provide you with treatment that takes your overall wellness into account. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental practice at (972) 458-2464.