Why Mercury-Free Dentistry Is So Important

Why Mercury-Free Dentistry Is So Important

In holistic dentistry, dentists ensure that their patients’ overall well-being is prioritized, not just their oral health. When patients need fillings, holistic dentists often recommend non-metal fillings. 

Metal fillings contain a toxic substance called mercury, which can lead to serious health problems. Choosing mercury-free dentistry can prevent harmful mercury exposure.

The Kozlow and Rowell team has extensive experience providing alternative filling solutions that avoid mercury and amalgam (a material that combines metals, including mercury). Instead, we offer harmless, natural-looking fillings. 

Read on to find out why mercury-free dentistry is so important for everyone. 

It’s safer for patients and dentists.

Mercury exposure is toxic because it can cause several health problems. It can affect your immune, digestive and nervous systems, as well as your lungs, kidneys, and even eyes. Therefore, eliminating mercury wherever possible is crucial. 

Patients should avoid amalgam fillings for their overall health. Mercury-free fillings also benefit dentists by preventing regular exposure to the harmful effects of mercury as they perform treatments. 

It’s better for the planet.

A dental office that uses regular mercury for their patients could mean mercury unintentionally ends up in the water supply through wastewater. From there, it finds its way into our water systems. Once the mercury is in the water, our water supplies are contaminated, polluting our environment. 

It doesn’t stop with water since mercury can also be found in the soil where we grow our food. It can even get into the atmosphere enabling us to breathe it in. So choosing mercury-free dentistry limits the amount of mercury exposure on the planet. 

It protects your teeth. 

Mercury-free fillings are durable and look natural. They’re easier to clean, so they last much longer than amalgam fillings.

Another advantage is that mercury-free fillings can protect damaged teeth. Most amalgam fillings break after only a few years, eventually leading to diseases caused by bacteria entering the cavity. Mercury-free fillings prevent this from happening, thereby protecting your teeth and your overall health. 

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