The Comfort Of Sedation Dentistry

The Comfort Of Sedation Dentistry

happy woman at dental office sedation dentistry conceptYour time in the dentist’s chair is important; when the right care is provided, it can also be surprisingly comfortable. Our Dallas, TX dental practice relies on a holistic approach to serving our patients. This means enjoying metal-free and mercury-free work along with a focus on making oral health care part of your overall commitment to your well-being. This can help put many people at ease when they come in, but some patients can still struggle with unease due to anxiety. What you should know is that dental sedation is available. With this support, we can make your experience a better one even if dental anxiety has long made appointments hard for you to enjoy.

Many People Find The Idea Of Dental Work Uncomfortable

If you are someone who has anxious feelings around oral health care, any upcoming appointment can be a source of stress. Unfortunately, this means that regular visits are less enjoyable, and in some cases it can result in people postponing or trying to avoid necessary restorative services! Rather than let your reflexive discomfort stop you from important treatment, let us know that you struggle with this problem. Part of the support we offer can include different forms of dental sedation.

Using Safe Dental Sedation To Improve Your Treatment Experience

There are different methods available to help patients in need of assistance with dental anxiety. Distraction techniques can help, and so can nitrous oxide administered during care. Nitrous oxide is a gas that we can use to help promote feelings of relaxation while letting you remain conscious throughout your care. Its effects pass quickly enough to avoid causing issues with your remaining plans for the day. Those who require a more potent kind of support can receive help with oral sedation, which refers to the use of anti-anxiety medication before the appointment. Because the effects of this will linger, you will need to arrange transportation for yourself after your visit.

We Also Make Care More Comfortable By Providing Safe And Lifelike Restorations!

Knowing that your dental work will be free from potentially unsafe metals like mercury can make you less resistant to the idea of dental care. In addition to providing this as an option for treatment, we can provide removals of mercury fillings. Replacing them with ceramic alternatives can make you more comfortable with your smile and your well-being!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dental Office About Safe Dental Sedation!

The right form of dental sedation can help ease worries that you have about oral health care. In addition to offering sedation for appointments, we help many feel at ease about dentistry by providing a holistic focus on care. If you would like to learn more about our commitment to holistic dentistry and our use of safe dental sedation, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.