Replacing Worrying Amalgam Restorations

Replacing Worrying Amalgam Restorations

woman happy with dental work amalgam-free dentistry conceptEvidence of past dental work may be hard to hide when you smile. If you received an amalgam filling, its metallic appearance can stand out due to its contrast with your surrounding enamel. Its effect on your appearance can be frustrating on its own, but the presence of mercury in a restoration made with metal can also make you worry for your health. What can you do about that past work on your smile? At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we provide safe and effective amalgam removal. This replaces conspicuous fillings made from less desirable materials with a composite substance that matches your enamel. In addition to being more attractive, this material is free from worrying mercury and other materials you would prefer to avoid.

Are You Unhappy With Past Dental Work That Used Amalgam Materials?

Cavity damage is permanent, which is why a restoration is placed to protect the space where decay developed. Restorative treatments address damage in a way that protects you against a new infection and lets you preserve your bite function. A secure and confident bite is important, as it lets you maintain comfortable jaw movement and avoid overusing certain teeth.

You can be unhappy with your appearance because of your amalgam filling. Even if it is not in a conspicuous place, you can worry about the presence of mercury in the restoration. Fortunately, while you will always need a restoration, you do not have to depend on the one made from amalgam. We can provide a replacement using a lifelike and safe composite substance!

Replacing An Older Restoration With One That Offers Cosmetic And Functional Support

The safe removal of your old filling will protect your tooth while fully removing the material that was previously put in place. After your dentist extracts this material, they can take care to apply the composite substance and cover the area in question. This new restoration can be one you are more comfortable having in place. Beyond the cosmetic and health benefits, composite is less reactive to temperature changes, so it is less likely to have its shape alter in ways that cause your filling to loosen or put pressure on surrounding enamel. It is also biocompatible, which means it will adhere to your tooth structure.

See The Difference In Care Provided By Holistic Dentistry!

Holistic dentistry focuses on the link between dental health and overall well-being. It also puts an emphasis on preventing future problems. Our commitment to your care means giving you a comfortable experience; that includes prioritizing care that does without substances that make you uneasy.

Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry In Dallas, TX Can Provide Amalgam Restoration Removal And Replacement

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