5 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Checkups

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Checkups

When it comes to dental checkups, our holistic dentist takes a very comprehensive approach to monitoring our patient’s oral health and overall well-being. Dental checkups are surprisingly thorough, and many folks are unaware that an oral examination can reveal quite a lot about the state of a person’s health. Following are some things you might not know about dental checkups.
Your Dentist Can Tell If You’re Stressed Out
Patients under duress tend to clench and grind their teeth. Eventually, the act of clenching and grinding becomes habitual. Also known as bruxism, grinding your teeth can produce visibly detectable wear on your teeth. If our holistic dentist notices signs of untimely tooth wear, our team might ask about your stress level and recommend mercury-free restorations and protective mouthguards/nightguards to protect your teeth.

You Will Be Screened for Oral Cancer

As we stated earlier, checkups are very thorough. Our team will look for signs of suspicious tissue throughout the oral cavity. If we detect signs of oral cancer, we will recommend that patients receive oral pathology services. As with other types of cancer, early detection is essential to overcoming disease.
Fillings Don’t Have to Look Conspicuous
If you have cavities, don’t fret. Our dentist places mercury-free, tooth-colored filings made from composite resin. Fillings are tinted to match the exact shade of biological tooth structure so that your dental work is undetectable.

Old Metal Dental Work Can Be Replaced

Do you know that if you are unhappy with the appearance of old dental work you can have it replaced? Our practice offers safe amalgam removal so that restorations can be replaced with beautiful, biocompatible alternatives. If you want to have old dental work replaced, feel free to bring it up at your next checkup.
We Will Look for Signs of Gum Disease
Not only is the health of your teeth important, the health of your gums matters, too. During checkups, we will evaluate the health of gingival tissue. If we find signs of gum disease, treatment will be recommended to keep it from advancing. Advanced gum disease is a major threat to oral health and wellness.
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