A Holistic Approach To Dental Restoration

A Holistic Approach To Dental Restoration

holistic dentist PlanoSavvy patients recognize that their mouths are an important part of their bodies, if not one of the most important parts of their bodies. So, what you put in your mouth matters. That doesn’t just pertain to food or even toothpaste, but it’s also relevant for dental work, such as restorations.

If you want to optimize your overall health, it’s important to consider how your oral health contributes to that effort. Working with a holistic dentist to get restorations that are both safe and attractive is one strategy that will help you maintain a robust smile along with a healthy body.

Your Options For Holistic Dental Restorations

In the past, amalgam consisting of mercury and other metals, was a common material used in filling cavities. However, as you’ll read below, this material has a number of drawbacks.

If you want to avoid an amalgam filling for a cavity, you do have other options. A holistic dentist can place a restoration made of composite resin materials that contain no mercury.

Patients may work with a holistic dentist to get restorations in different situations. In fact, mercury free dentistry can be appropriate for:

  • New restorations
  • Replacing old amalgam fillings

Such restorations are versatile and appropriate for cavities in various locations, as well. In the past, composite fillings were not considered to be suitable for chewing surfaces, but those materials are stronger now and can be used in cavities on the surfaces of the large molars.

The Benefits Of Mercury Free Fillings

Patients may have any number of reasons for preferring composite fillings from a holistic dentist. Mercury free dentistry eliminates the following concerns:

  • Negative effects on smile’s appearance
  • Need to drill more enamel to make room for the filling, which can weaken the tooth
  • Possible increase in tooth sensitivity
  • Possible toxicity concerns, especially in certain high-risk populations like pregnant women

If you want an approach to dental restorations that considers what is best for your overall health, look into holistic, mercury-free options. We welcome you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team at Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to learn more about our philosophy.