Amalgam Removal For Your Health And Smile

Amalgam Removal For Your Health And Smile

woman with nice smileIf you had a problem with dental decay or damage in the past, a general dentist may have treated you with an amalgam metal filling. While it was up to the task of protecting your tooth and preventing an infection, the restoration that you received can make you embarrassed by how it affects your smile. You can also have concerns about the mercury contained in your filling and its long-term impact on your well-being.

Our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office provides safe amalgam removal for our patients. We take care to remove metal fillings with a process that keeps the material cool to prevent the release of mercury vapors. In addition to removing this potentially harmful substance, we can restore your tooth with a restoration made from a more attractive and safer composite material.

Are You Concerned About The Presence Of Amalgam Restorations?

Even if you only have relatively hard to see metal restoration, you can worry about what it is doing to your smile and health. The silvery appearance of this kind of restoration makes it stand out against your enamel, drawing unwanted attention to your past dental trouble. You also have to worry about the mercury contained in these kinds of restorations. The material poses health risks through prolonged exposure, making the removal of it from your mouth a priority.

We Offer Safe Amalgam Removal

Our office has a procedure for safely removing amalgam metal from teeth to prevent further exposure, and we can replace what we remove with attractive and safe composite restorations. The process for removing your filling includes added steps to prevent heat during the procedure from increasing your exposure to mercury vapors. We can also use an oral aerosol evacuation system to restrict the mercury vapor in the treatment room.

Once your old filling is removed, we can protect your tooth with a metal-free substitute filling made with a composite material. This material matches the color and texture of healthy enamel, making it easy to blend in with your smile!

Protect Your Health By Visiting A Holistic Dentist!

Making the change to a holistic dentist means enjoying smile protection that also delivers overall health benefits! We avoid the use of amalgam materials and fluoride during procedures to make them safer. We also center our treatment and hygiene recommendations around oral care that is mindful of the link between your general well-being and your smile.

Our Dallas, TX, Holistic Dental Office Provides Safe Amalgam Removal!

Through the safe removal of amalgam metal restorations, we can improve the quality of your smile while we also protect your health! If you would like to find out more about this and other services we offer, contact our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office at (972) 458-2464.