Amalgam Removal

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Cavity treatment needs to address the permanent structural damage that dental decay leaves behind. If you had a cavity addressed in the past, you may have been left with an amalgam metal filling that looks out of place when you smile and speak. The material is a poor cosmetic match for surrounding enamel, and it also means you are left with a material that can contain unsafe materials like mercury in your mouth. Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office does not use amalgam in any of our treatments. In addition to providing alternative care with safer and more conservative composite substances, we can safely remove amalgam already in your mouth and provide discreet and safe alternative restorations.

woman with nice smileIf you had a problem with dental decay or damage in the past, a general dentist may have treated you with an amalgam metal filling. While it was up to the task of protecting your tooth and preventing an infection, the restoration that you received can make you embarrassed by how it affects your smile. You can also have concerns about the mercury contained in your filling and its long-term impact on your well-being. Our Dallas, TX, holistic dental office provides safe amalgam removal for our patients. We take care to remove metal fillings with a process that keeps the material cool to prevent the release of mercury vapors. In addition to removing this potentially harmful substance, we can restore your tooth with a restoration made from a more attractive and safer composite material.

woman happy with dental careDoes a metal filling remain in your smile to inform the world you had to undergo dental work? If so, you can feel frustrated by its prominence, and by how much it stands out next to your natural enamel. What you can also worry about is the potential health effect of a restoration made with amalgam or mercury remaining in your mouth. What you should know is that you do not have to feel stuck with this kind of restoration. Our Dallas, TX dental practice is prepared to safely remove and replace these fillings with healthier and more discreet composite alternatives! Our office also provides restorative services with ceramic restorations, including convenient same-day crowns!

Dental amalgam, which is a mixture of several different metals, has been used to fill cavities for more than a century. Recently, however, many patients have considered amalgam removal in Dallas due to concerns over the hazards presented by the mercury included in amalgam fillings....