Removing Dental Amalgam From Your Smile

Removing Dental Amalgam From Your Smile

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Cavity treatment needs to address the permanent structural damage that dental decay leaves behind. If you had a cavity addressed in the past, you may have been left with an amalgam metal filling that looks out of place when you smile and speak. The material is a poor cosmetic match for surrounding enamel, and it also means you are left with a material that can contain unsafe materials like mercury in your mouth. Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office does not use amalgam in any of our treatments. In addition to providing alternative care with safer and more conservative composite substances, we can safely remove amalgam already in your mouth and provide discreet and safe alternative restorations.

Has Past Dental Work Left You With Unwanted Metal In Your Smile?

As important as it is to have protection after tooth decay is treated, a dental filling made with metal can be a cause for embarrassment. If it can be seen when you smile and speak, that filling can be a problem for the way you look. Even if it is discreetly placed, you can be understandably worried about the material that your filling was made with. Whether you have desired a cosmetic change, want to protect your health, or simply need to do something because your filling is older and no longer secure, we can perform a safe amalgam removal and replace your restoration with something made to protect your health and match your enamel.

Performing Safe Amalgam Removals

A successful amalgam removal is one that protects your tooth and health while leading to improvements in how you look. When we take care of your amalgam fillings, we take precautions to make the process safe to you. Controlling the release of harmful vapors from the amalgam as we take care of your tooth will limit health concerns during your appointment. A safe removal is also important for limiting any changes to your tooth structure as we perform this service. Once this is done, we can protect your tooth with a metal-free material that is safe and discreet.

Treating Patients With Safe And Attractive Dental Restorations

Our restorative solutions depend on materials that are biocompatible and capable of cosmetically blending in with your enamel. Whether you are having an older restoration replaced or need new work done to address decay, we can use a composite resin material to provide a permanent dental filling that is safer than amalgam. We also provide crowns made with ceramic, which is safe and attractive, so more involved services still prioritize your well-being and appearance.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dentist About Safe Amalgam Removal

If you are interested in safe amalgam removal or have questions about this service, contact our Dallas, TX dental practice at (972) 458-2464.