Dallas Holistic Dentist, Dr. Kozlow Receives IAOMT Accreditation

Dallas Holistic Dentist, Dr. Kozlow Receives IAOMT Accreditation

iaomtDallas, TX – Holistic dentist, Dr. Philip R. Kozlow, earned accreditation from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The IAOMT is a science-based organization that promotes the advocacy of safe biological dentistry for dental professionals and patients. Dr. Kozlow is one of only 14 IAOMT accredited dentists in Texas. As the premier organization for holistic and biologic dentistry, IAOMT accreditation requires extensive postgraduate study and testing.

The accreditation process consists of ten course units that focus on biologic and holistic treatment protocols for restorative dentistry along with periodontal and endodontic therapies. IAOMT accreditation coursework focuses heavily on concerns regarding amalgam’s use as a restorative material because of its mercury content. In addition to promoting the use of biocompatible restorations, dentists with IAOMT accreditation possess extensive knowledge and training to remove amalgam restorations as safely as possible so that patients and dental professionals are not exposed to toxic mercury vapors.

In addition to completing ten units of IAOMT’s course work, dentists pursuing accreditation must pay an enrollment fee, have an active membership with the organization, and provide an oral presentation of a case where he or she successfully removed an amalgam filling and replaced it with a biocompatible restoration. This oral presentation and the case presented must demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes a safe operatory environment for handling amalgam as well as approved protocols for removing amalgam.

Another element to the IAOMT approach to holistic and biological dentistry involves addressing dental health without the use of fluoride. Due to concerns of fluoride’s toxic side effects, the IAOMT and its accredited dentists try to limit fluoride exposure as much as possible by avoiding fluoride treatments in their practices. Research has indicated that overexposure to fluoride can lead to issues with bone density, glucose tolerance, thyroid problems, and general issues with weight management and behavior.

Overall, the patient’s safety and wellness is the chief concern through the IAOMT’s rigorous accreditation process. As a holistic and biologic dentist in Dallas, Dr. Kozlow’s recent completion of IAOMT accreditation is noteworthy – especially for area residents who prefer a holistic and natural approach to oral healthcare.

Founded in 1984, the IAOMT was established by 11 dentists, a medical doctor, and a lawyer. Inspired by a seminar that touched on the dangers of mercury in dental restorations, the founders of the IAOMT decided to pursue the topic of mercury use in oral healthcare from a scientific, evidence-based perspective and produce original research on the subject. Over the years, members of the IAOMT have expanded their approach to biologic dentistry by researching the long-term effects of treatment protocols for periodontal and endodontic issues and if viable alternatives to potentially harmful treatments exist.

On top of producing and funding research initiatives, the IAOMT contributes to educating the general public, petitioning governmental organizations for regulatory change, and providing resources for dental professionals for continuing education. For example, the IAOMT has funded legal action regarding the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2009 ruling on amalgam’s safety. This initiative, which included filing petitions against the 2009 ruling and producing evidence to the FDA, led to the FDA reconsidering its official stance on amalgam a year later.

Members of the IAOMT, including its scientific advisory board and officers, come from various professional backgrounds. Some members have experience in academia and scientific research while others have experience in dentistry and medicine. As an interdisciplinary organization, dentists like Dr. Kozlow have access to original, cutting-edge research along with opportunities to attend symposiums and workshops for continuing education.

About Dr. Kozlow

Dr. Kozlow has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. He provides preventive, restorative, orthodontic, and cosmetic treatments with a holistic and biologic approach. He is committed to continuing education and embracing the latest technological advancements so that he can provide excellent care to his patients. Dr. Kozlow’s practice has been lauded by D Magazine and Texas Monthly.