How well will I be able to eat with a dental crown?

How well will I be able to eat with a dental crown?

CEREC crowns DallasSince a dental crown is custom made, you can expect your restoration to perform much like a biological tooth. This means that you can eat your favorite foods comfortably. Our holistic dentist provides CEREC crowns, which are biocompatible and natural looking restorations that can be placed in one, convenient office appointment.

What are dental crowns?

Receiving a dental crown is a common oral health procedure. These restorations protect teeth that are extensively damaged by disease or injury. They cover the biting surfaces of a tooth and extend down all its sides to the gums. These tooth-shaped restorations are custom made to accommodate a patient’s unique oral anatomy.

What makes CEREC crowns unique?

A CEREC crown is a restoration that can be placed in one office appointment by using advanced 3D printing technology. These crowns are milled on-site at our practice, which eliminates the weeks of wait time needed to fabricate traditional crowns in dental laboratories.
CEREC crowns are milled from beautiful blocks of ceramic. This material closely resembles the appearance and texture of natural tooth structure. Since ceramic is available in a number of white hues, these restorations will produce undetectable dental work so you can smile with confidence. These metal-free crowns are a great option for patients who have concerns about the use of metals in dental treatments.

Why are dental crowns necessary?

Years of wear and tear along with dental injuries and disease can take a toll on our teeth. When our tooth enamel is worn down, it leaves the softer structures of teeth defenseless against oral bacteria and acid. A dental crown can hold a broken tooth together and protect weakened teeth.
Dental crowns restore teeth to their proper shape and size so that you can enjoy optimal oral function. When white materials such as ceramic are chosen, your crown will beautifully enhance your smile.
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