Dallas CEREC Dental Crowns

season for restoration dallas txThe holidays can be a stressful time, and it may seem easy to put some things off until the start of the new year. But if you have recently broken or cracked a tooth, now is the time to speak with your dentist, as this situation can become worse in a hurry. Your natural enamel plays an important role in keeping your smile safe from infection, and when bacteria make their way inside the tooth, it can lead to a serious toothache. Make this the season for restoration! With our team of expert restorative dentists in North Dallas, you can take charge of your oral health over the holidays. This is your opportunity to renew your smile, and with cracked or broken teeth, you want to meet with a local dental team quickly. Internal tooth infections can cause real harm to your smile, and lead to a painful situation. Don't let your dental damage hold you back, and instead, schedule an appointment with our team today!

man happy with smileWhen your tooth is impacted by physical trauma or an advanced cavity, a long-term form of protection will be required. A carefully constructed dental crown can offer this kind of support. Placing one that can be trusted to keep your tooth safe requires careful advance measurements. Providing a crown that offers this support while also boasting a lifelike appearance will require the right materials. Our Dallas, TX dental office can provide an attractive, durable, secure dental crown for our patients. In addition to providing a restoration with lasting benefits, we can actually shorten your treatment time, as your procedure can be fit into just a single appointment! This is possible thanks to the CEREC technology we use to treat patients, as we are able to measure and prepare your tooth, design your restoration, and produce it so that it can be secured without delay.

When a tooth has been extensively damaged by decay or injury, the right restoration can preserve the tooth and help to maintain the patient’s dental health. A tooth that has structural integrity can function properly, which ultimately benefits the entire smile. Dental crowns, which are tooth-shaped...