Convenience And Lifelike Care With CEREC Crowns

Convenience And Lifelike Care With CEREC Crowns

man happy with smileWhen your tooth is impacted by physical trauma or an advanced cavity, a long-term form of protection will be required. A carefully constructed dental crown can offer this kind of support. Placing one that can be trusted to keep your tooth safe requires careful advance measurements. Providing a crown that offers this support while also boasting a lifelike appearance will require the right materials.

Our Dallas, TX dental office can provide an attractive, durable, secure dental crown for our patients. In addition to providing a restoration with lasting benefits, we can actually shorten your treatment time, as your procedure can be fit into just a single appointment! This is possible thanks to the CEREC technology we use to treat patients, as we are able to measure and prepare your tooth, design your restoration, and produce it so that it can be secured without delay.

Can One Visit Really Be All It Takes To Receive A Crown?

Many dental offices that offer treatment with custom crowns will need to book two separate appointments. This is because they depend on third party labs to produce the restorations their patients require. Our office can remove the need for a follow-up visit because we have technology capable of producing custom crowns at our location. With this technology, we can capture necessary measurements, design your restoration, and even produce it at our office, which means it is affixed to your tooth in just one appointment.

Using CEREC Technology To Take Care Of Your Vulnerable Tooth

CEREC technology makes different steps in the treatment of your tooth something we can complete in just one visit. CAD-CAM technology will enable us to take digital impressions of your tooth to then use for the creation of a model restoration. From that model, we can produce a crown with our in-office milling machine. This machine produces restorations made from a ceramic material that can closely mimic your healthy enamel.

We Provide Positive Results With Durable, Appearance-Friendly Restorations

Whether you have a problem that requires a crown or need a dental filling to address a smaller cavity, our practice can help. We believe in using materials that are safe for your long-term health while still prioritizing function and appearance. Of course, we also provide the kind of preventive services that lower your risk for the onset of problems that can make restorative dentistry necessary.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dental Office About Treating Your Vulnerable Tooth With A CEREC Crown

Through the treatment of your vulnerable tooth with a CEREC crown, we can make sure you have the support you need in the long term in just one appointment. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.