Enjoy Same-Day Restorations with Direct Ceramic Fillings

Enjoy Same-Day Restorations with Direct Ceramic Fillings

holistic dentist PlanoSometimes, our teeth need restorations. When a filling is needed, our holistic dentist offers direct ceramic fillings, which are a beautiful alternative to amalgam fillings. Many health-conscious folks have concerns about the mercury content of amalgam fillings. Fortunately, our team practices mercury free dentistry and offers safe amalgam removal to ease our patients’ minds.

While mercury free dentistry is not particularly new, many patients have had to wait a few weeks for their ceramic restorations in the past. This is because these restorations were typically made off-site in laboratories. Modern technology, however, has made it possible to receive these restorations the same day that a tooth is prepared for treatment.

Why Professional Treatment is Needed for Cavities

Although our teeth are quite strong, they aren’t impervious to disease or damage. Teeth also cannot regenerate the way that other tissues in the body do. When decay forms, it must be professionally treated so that patients do not have to suffer with root canal infections or tooth loss as decay worsens.

Dental restorations can extend the lifespan of our teeth and prevent painful infections from developing in the future. They provide protection for weakened tooth structure from cavity-causing bacteria and can help prevent future chips and cracks.

Today’s white restorations are inconspicuous and produce undetectable dental work for a beautiful aesthetic.

Why Choose Ceramic

There are a few options for enjoying discreet and mercury free dentistry. For example, composite resin is commonly used to treat minor tooth decay. Ceramic, however, is more durable and lifelike. It is resistant to staining and has a luster comparable to teeth because ceramic reflects light.

When it comes to repairing broken and diseased teeth, ceramic is a durable material that perfectly blends in with biologic tooth structure. It also feels very much like natural teeth.

Safe Amalgam Removal

If you currently have old metal fillings, we can remove them. Our safe amalgam removal procedure traps mercury vapors to protect your wellbeing. We also take extra precautions to keep the amalgam from heating up during the removal process.

Our practice is proud to serve our community with quality restorations. Call us today to reserve an appointment with our holistic dentist.