A Holistic Approach to Modern Dentistry

A Holistic Approach to Modern Dentistry

holistic dentist FriscoDo you favor a more holistic approach to medical and dental treatments? Some people have concerns about the use of amalgam in dentistry along with invasive treatment protocols. Fortunately, our holistic dentist takes a conservative and biocompatible approach to providing treatment for common oral health conditions.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Amalgam, a common restorative material contains trace amounts of mercury. Since mercury can adversely affect a person’s wellbeing, our practice offers alternatives to restorations that might contain harmful metals. We utilize materials that are compatible with the body such as porcelain and BPA-free composite resin. Porcelain is a wonderful material for the fabrication of inlays and crowns while composite resin is ideal for addressing small areas of decay or concealing dental imperfections.
These materials produce beautiful restorations, too, because they are tooth-colored.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Countless people are living with amalgam fillings. This compound was the mainstay for treating tooth decay for decades. Now that we have healthier, more biocompatible alternatives, many people want to have their old dental work removed and replaced with restorations made from composite resin or porcelain.
Our practice provides safe amalgam removal by taking care not to expose old metal dental work to excessive heat. We also utilize an evacuation system that traps mercury vapors for optimal safety. Once your old dental work is removed, we can apply biocompatible restorations that look and feel just like natural tooth structure.

Total Wellness Emphasized

Our practice takes total wellness into consideration when it comes to diagnosing and treating oral health concerns. When evaluating your oral health, our holistic dentist will inquire about your dietary choices and lifestyle to help determine the underlying causes of your concerns. For instance, hormonal fluctuations and consumption of sugar contribute to conditions like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Changing your daily habits could reduce your risks for disease and improve your overall health.
If you have questions about your treatment options for holistic dental care, call Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to set up an appointment with our experienced team.