Holistic Dentistry And Whole Body Health

Holistic Dentistry And Whole Body Health

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A holistic dentist has a keen understanding of the relationship between your oral health and your overall wellbeing and works to optimize both. Indeed, your oral health influences the condition of the rest of your body in numerous ways. It’s important to understand how your systemic health and your oral health are related, as well as how you can choose the best dental treatments for your whole body.

Systemic Health And Oral Health

Research has shown some correlation between gum disease and issues like diabetes, heart disease, as well as pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia and premature birth. The exact mechanism connecting these conditions remains unknown, but it is hypothesized that the common factor is the inflammation that is present in gum disease.
In fact, there is even some evidence that the inflammation associated with gum disease may play a role in emotional and cognitive disorders, such as depression and dementia. When you work with your holistic dentist to maintain your oral health and prevent gum disease and decay, you may be helping to reduce your risk of these associated conditions, as well.
A dental practitioner who subscribes to a holistic approach may also collaborate with other health care professionals in order to optimize your treatment.

Which restorations are best for your body?

A holistic dentist provides a range of dental services, including routine exams and cleanings, along with treatment to repair the damage from oral diseases. This includes restorations, such as fillings. We use tooth-colored composite materials, which are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also eliminate exposure to potentially toxic metals that can have negative effects throughout your body.
Some patients who have existing metal fillings may come to us wanting to have those restorations removed and replaced. We have the tools necessary to do so safely, minimizing the release of toxins in the process of replacing the restorations.
To learn more about our holistic approach to dental care, call our office and schedule a consultation. Take steps to improve your overall health by prioritizing your oral health.