Holistic Dentistry: What materials are used instead of metal?

Holistic Dentistry: What materials are used instead of metal?

holistic dentist FriscoA visit with a holistic dentist will immediately reveal what holistic dentistry is all about … your dental health extends beyond your mouth. A dental visit involves more than cleaning your teeth or repairing a cavity. Of course, dentistry is performed; but your entire being is considered in your treatment. After all, your dental health impacts your overall health; and the reverse can be true as well.

Materials Used in Holistic Dentistry

The goal in using alternative materials to those used in traditional dentistry is to prevent putting anything in a patient’s mouth that can produce an adverse reaction. Materials such as amalgam (silver filling material used for many years in decay repair) and metals (those used in crowns, bridges, and partial dentures) are not used in holistic dentistry.

Biocompatible materials such as chemically bonded materials and glass composite resin materials are used in lieu of metals and composites that may contain BPA (an industrial chemical that is used in the manufacturing of certain plastics and resins). Your holistic dentist strives to make sure that all materials used in your dental repair are safe and will be compatible with your body.

What Else Should I Know About Holistic Dentistry? 

Upon your initial oral examination, it may be recommended that silver amalgam fillings be safely removed and replaced. The reason is due to the mercury content in amalgam fillings. Metal crowns can also be safely replaced.

Many patients never consider that the condition of the mouth (cavities, gum disease, and missing teeth) can have an adverse effect on overall physical health. And perhaps there are underlying causes that have resulted in some of your dental problems. Diseases of the immune system such as arthritis or diabetes are believed to be strongly connected to your oral condition.

A visit with a holistic dentist is advantageous to treat and control things that can have such a huge impact on our day to day quality of life … things such as the ability to enjoy the foods we love; speak with clarity; and smile with self-confidence. Decayed, broken, or missing teeth can make these simple pleasures we normally take for granted difficult to manage.

Using safe and natural products are considered to be kinder to the body, producing less side effects while providing the treatment needed to maintain great oral health. Contact our team at Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to learn more about the services we offer.