How Holistic Dentistry Is Different from Traditional Oral Care

How Holistic Dentistry Is Different from Traditional Oral Care

Holistic dentistry is on the rise. Not only does it consider your oral hygiene, but holistic dentistry also cares for the overall health of your body. Let’s look at the major differences between holistic dentistry and traditional oral care. 

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an alternative to how you might traditionally think about your oral care. Its focus extends further than just your oral health. A holistic dentist also pays attention to the rest of your body and how that correlates with your mouth. 


Holistic dentists will take into account your diet, lifestyle, and overall physical and mental wellbeing. The treatments could involve homeopathy or aromatherapy, for example, and the aim is to find the root of the problem and not just a quick fix.

Holistic Dentistry Versus Traditional Oral Care

Holistic dentistry differs from traditional dentistry in many ways, and here’s how. 

We Solve The Root of the Problem

Holistic dentistry takes an approach that will solve the whole problem, examining the overall health of the individual to gain a better understanding of where a problem, such as an infection, is originating. A traditional dentist will only focus on the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. 

No Fluoride

One major difference with holistic dentistry is the avoidance of fluoride. Research has shown that there are negative impacts of using fluoride in traditional oral care. In holistic dentistry, no fluoride is used in treatments, which is one of the many reasons people opt for holistic dentistry over traditional oral care.

Natural Materials

Holistic dentists use natural materials, known as biocompatible materials. This might mean a holistic dentist will recommend herbal mouthwash rather than the mouthwash used in traditional dentistry, which contains chemicals.

Biocompatible materials also mean that all the materials used during treatments are tested with the patient before any procedures. This is to determine if the materials are compatible with the patient and is accomplished by reviewing the body’s reaction. Holistic dentists also avoid mercury-based products as these are not biocompatible.

Avoiding Tooth Extraction 

Wherever possible, holistic dentists try to save the tooth rather than extracting it like in traditional oral care. A holistic dentist will try as many alternatives as possible to save the tooth before deciding whether the tooth should be extracted. 

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