Orthodontics Offer A Dazzling Smile

Orthodontics Offer A Dazzling Smile

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We all want a smile that looks fantastic and makes a great first impression. But for many, dental misalignment could stand in the way of this dazzling smile. However, with orthodontic treatment, we can address your uneven smile and protect your teeth from the impact of malocclusion. In today’s blog, our Dallas, TX holistic dental practice discusses the benefits of orthodontic treatment for your oral health and smile beauty.

The Dangers of Malocclusion

Misalignment can be a source of embarrassment for people, and even impacts how they interact with others. This is a serious concern, and often reason enough for people to seek orthodontic care. But should also be concerned about malocclusion, or poor bite balance, which can occur due to misalignment and lead to major problems for your smile’s health and function. Your imbalanced bite could lead to wear on the teeth, damaging enamel and increasing the risk of complications like tooth decay, dental infection, deep grooves at the base of your teeth, and even tooth loss. To prevent these concerns, you need to talk to our team about orthodontic treatment options.

Assessing Your Candidacy

To begin, we will talk to you about the current state of your smile, and we will assess your dental history too. With advanced digital imaging, we will carefully examine your smile to understand the cause and extent of your misalignment, so we can choose the most appropriate treatment option. For many patients, we could offer a clear and comfortable path to an even smile using the Invisalign® system. No need for brackets and wires, instead a series of custom aligners made from a clear, BPA-free plastic material will be used to shift the teeth into proper position, so you can smile with confidence, even during your treatment!

The Invisalign® Treatment Process

The aligners will be created based on the detailed digital images and impressions we take of your smile. Experts in a lab setting will then use the information and imagery to design and craft your plastic aligners. Each set is custom-made for your smile, ensuring a comfortable fit and treatment with precision. The process begins with you wearing the first set for about 20 to 23 hours per day, over a period of about two weeks. You then do the same with the rest of the aligners in the series, as your teeth are gradually and gently repositioned. For many, optimal results are possible in as little as one year!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dentist About Orthodontic Treatment

With the correct treatments, you could obtain even teeth and a balanced bite, one that is beautiful and functions properly. For more information on our approach to orthodontic treatment, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.