Are tooth-colored fillings durable?

Are tooth-colored fillings durable?

Tooth-colored fillings are the most common type of small dental restorations used today. This is because they are natural looking and durable. With proper care, a tooth-colored filling could last up to 15 years or longer. Our holistic dentist practices mercury free dentistry, which includes placing tooth-colored restorations.

Are fillings really necessary?

A filling is a small dental restoration that addresses minor tooth decay. Since a tooth cannot regenerate new tissue, it cannot heal on its own. This is why restorations are needed to protect precious dental structures from developing further damage. If your dentist recommends a filling, it is because diagnostic images confirmed that a restoration is necessary. [pullquote]Composite resin fillings are used in mercury free dentistry…[/pullquote]

What makes up a tooth-colored filling?

A tooth-colored filling is made from composite resin. This compound is a mixture of glass and BPA-free plastic. Composite resin fillings are used in mercury free dentistry because they do not contain trace amounts of metals such as mercury.

What do composite resin fillings look like?

A composite resin filling looks just like biological tooth structure. Tooth-colored fillings can be tinted to match the exact shade of a tooth being treated. This means that a person’s dental work is undetectable to others.

Is receiving a filling uncomfortable?

Fillings, in general, are small restorations. This means that receiving a filling is a minimally invasive procedure. Local anesthetic is used to ensure that guests are comfortable during treatment. Most patients report feeling some pressure from the tooth preparation process but not pain.
After a tooth is prepared, composite resin fillings are applied to teeth in liquid form. Then, they are hardened by a curing light.

Why visit a holistic dentist?

A holistic dentist is an oral health practitioner that utilizes biocompatible materials for restorations such as porcelain and composite resin and considers overall wellness when diagnosing and treating oral health concerns. These types of dentists typically favor conservative treatment protocols and focus on prevention whenever possible.
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