What to Expect from a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

What to Expect from a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity, with many patients choosing this treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums, and jaw. These cosmetic improvements could involve changing the color, size, shape, or alignment of your teeth and gums, such as closing a gap, whitening teeth, or fixing a dental flaw.

The most common cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, implants, crowns, or orthodontics. However, you will need a cosmetic dental consultation to explore your options before you undergo any cosmetic dental treatment. Here’s what you can expect from this first visit. 

What Is a Cosmetic Dental Consultation?Photo by Candid on Unsplash

A cosmetic dental consultation is an appointment with your cosmetic dentist to discuss potential cosmetic treatment. This consultation will allow your dentist to identify any issues and establish the desired outcome by examining your dental health and your overall body wellness.

What Happens in the Appointment?

During your cosmetic dental consultation, you will complete an assessment with your dentist to determine what treatment will be the most beneficial in achieving your dream smile. 

The first step involves visually inspecting your teeth and gums to better understand the issues and why there needs to be an improvement in the first place. From there, your dental professional will take images to document the current state of teeth and gums before then obtaining a dental impression. 

Upon discussing the practical side of the assessment, the dentist will sit down with you to explore your options for treatment. Together, you will make a plan that will strive to achieve your smile goals. 

In rare cases, the dentist might need to perform a digital x-ray. A holistic dental practice, like Kozlow and Rowell, will rarely take x-rays to limit exposure to radiation. So, x-rays are taken only when absolutely necessary. 

What Treatments Will Be Recommended?

Every patient is different, so every treatment will be unique to the individual. However, here are some of the treatments that are generally recommended in cosmetic dental consultations. Some of these cosmetic dental treatments will only take one single procedure, while others may require a combination of several treatments. 

  • Teeth whitening 
  • Invisalign 
  • Ceramic dental crowns 
  • Veneers 
  • Tooth-colored fillings 
  • Dental bonding  

Get In Touch 

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry as a method for improving your smile, then get in touch with Kozlow and Rowell today. We have a holistic approach, taking into consideration not just your oral health but your overall well-being, too. 

Book a cosmetic dental consultation with us today, and let us help you find a treatment that works for you to bring back a confident and radiant smile.