Why should I visit a holistic dentist?

Why should I visit a holistic dentist?

As the world embraces a greener way of living, dental health is becoming a part of this lifestyle change, and visiting a holistic dentist is one way of doing this. Kozlow and Rowell are proud to be a part of this movement, offering the safest dental treatments available.

We are continuously finding ways to improve non-toxic and long-lasting dental care that cares for all of you, not just your teeth.

What is a holistic dentist? 

Sometimes referred to as natural dentistry or alternative dentistry, holistic dentistry focuses on oral care that considers how oral health impacts the whole body and not just your mouth. This can include not only your physical health but also your emotional and spiritual health. Often, holistic dentists will use natural remedies to care for you.

What to Expect From a Holistic Dentist 

A dentist’s priority is to look after you and take care of your oral health. This includes brushing, flossing, general dental treatment, and diagnosing conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, and infections. However, a holistic dentist will take this one step further and use holistic treatments.

These treatments might involve changes in your nutrition and diet, spiritual healing, homeopathy, and herbology, which use herbs to treat disease. A holistic dentist will educate patients on oral hygiene for overall well-being.

Holistic Dentists Use Minimally Invasive Treatments

Because holistic dentists take into consideration your whole body, they will only use surgical treatments as a last resort to avoid any unnecessary or painful treatment.

Kozlow and Rowell only take X-rays that are essential. Instead of using a traditional x-ray, we use technology that provides a lower dosage of radiation while also using a thyroid collar. One way we use X-rays without radiation exposure is by using a high-intensity light source.

Holistic Dentists Use Non-Toxic Materials

As holistic dentists have an emphasis on overall health, they make sure to use non-toxic and biocompatible materials. This is to prevent any harmful side effects. This compares to traditional dentistry which uses mercury for filling or crowns, for example. These substances can be hazardous.

Kozlow and Rowell encourage the use of healthy dental products. Our composite resin filling materials are  BPA and bis-GMA free, staying clear of these controversial chemicals that are often considered toxic. Holistic dentists will generally avoid using fluoride treatments too, so at Kozlow and Rowell we offer fluoride-free dental cleanings.

We also like to promote holistic care products for your home. This includes alcohol and chemical-free toothpaste, mouth rinse, coconut oil, and ozonated olive oil.

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As holistic dentists, we want to go beyond oral care and pay attention to your overall well-being. If you’re interested in a more holistic approach, then book an appointment with us to see how we can help.