Your Guide to Holistic Dentistry

Your Guide to Holistic Dentistry

holistic dentist FriscoDid you know that oral health and general wellness are connected? Research shows that a number of health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s are connected to oral health conditions. When treating patients, our holistic dentist takes lifestyle choices, overall health, and nutrition into account. Our team practices mercury free dentistry and safe amalgam removal to help our patients enjoy vibrant oral health as safely and naturally as possible.

Objectives of Holistic Oral Healthcare

One of the main objectives of holistic oral healthcare is to promote the wellness of the entire body and to use natural alternatives over conventional treatment protocols whenever possible. For instance, when restorations are needed, our holistic dentist prefers biocompatible materials instead of amalgam.

Holistic oral healthcare, for example, may address gum disease by advocating for dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to non-surgical treatment options while conventional dentistry might only focus on treatment options that directly treat the gingiva.

Mercury Free Dentistry

Another area of concern for holistic oral care providers is the use of mercury in metal restorations. Amalgam fillings, which were standard for treating minor decay, are made from a mixture of metals including mercury. When fillings are exposed to heat, they may release mercury vapors.

Due to potential dangers associated with mercury, our team practices mercury free dentistry. This means we only use restorative materials that are free of metal and compatible with the body. Popular biocompatible materials we use are composite resin and porcelain. Mercury free dentistry also looks and feels natural because restorative materials are tooth-colored.

Safe Amalgam Removal

If you have old metal fillings, our team can remove them safely. Safe amalgam removal requires careful attention to strict protocols to ensure maximum safety for our guests and our staff. We utilize drilling techniques that prevent old fillings from overheating and an evacuation system that traps the release of mercury vapors.

Once your fillings are removed, our team can develop a treatment plan that protects your teeth with beautiful, metal-free restorations.

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